Master students

Eugene Agichtein
Associate Professor
Sloan Research Fellow

I lead the Emory Intelligent Information Access Lab (IRLab). We work on information retrieval and text and data mining, developing techniques for mining online user behavior and interactions in web search and online social networks, large-scale content analysis and information extraction, and on applications of these techniques to medical informatics.

PhD students
Denis Savenkov
PhD student, 2011-

I got my bachelor and masters degree from Tula state university, Russia. After graduation I moved to Moscow and finished Yandex school of Data analysis. I worked in Yandex for three years focusing on the query-biased document summarization problem (machine learning, quality measures). Currently my research interests include search query difficulty estimation, learning from search log data.

Payam Karisani
PhD student, 2016-
Zihao Wang
PhD student, 2016-
Liquan Bai
Masters student, 2016-
Visiting Scholar
Alexandra Vtyurina(Sasha)
Visiting Research Scholar, 2016-
Previous members
Qiaoling Liu
PhD student, 2009 – 2014

My research interests include information retrieval, data mining, and semantic web. Currently, I am working on improving users’ information seeking with Web Search and Community-based Question Answering, in particular by helping users generate and search high-quality CQA content.

Yu Wang
PhD student, 2009-2014

My research interests include Information Retrieval and Machine Learning. I am a member of the Data Management Group, and my advisor is Dr. Eugene Agichtein. I received my B.S. degree from Zhejiang University in China, 2009.

Dmitry Lagun
PhD student, 2009 – 2014

First position: Research Scientist at Google

Qi Guo
PhD student, 2007-2012

First position: Applied Research Scientist at Microsoft Bing

Alex Kotov
Postdoc Researcher, 2011-2013

First position: Assistant Professor at Wayne State University

Nikita Zhiltsov
Fulbright Scholar, 2012-2013

Research Fellow, Kazan State University, Russia

Undergraduate students
David Fink
Undergraduate student

Noah Adler
Undergraduate student